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September 22, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Research Involving Animals 

Under the Ontario Animals for Research Act and the Canadian Council of Animal Care (CCAC) Guidelines for the Care and Use of Experimental Animals, it is a requirement that all researchers who will be conducting research, testing or teaching projects at Wilfrid Laurier University involving the use of animals must obtain approval of the Wilfrid Laurier University Animal Care Committee (ACC) before commencing the project.

There must be an approved protocol for all procedures involving the use of vertebrate and certain invertebrate (in particular, octopi and squid) animals in research by faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students, research associates, and all other personnel regardless of source of funding. Researchers are responsible for ensuring amendment requests are submitted to the ACC for approval prior to implementing any amendments. 

While animal tissue use does not normally require ACC approval (unless the tissue is being collected from an active animal research protocol), researchers using animal tissue should nonetheless inform the ACC of any animal tissue work. 

Protocols for non-faculty members must be submitted under the name of the senior faculty member supervising the project. 

Any animal research or teaching project administered by the University which is to be conducted in the field or in a facility not owned by Wilfrid Laurier University must be covered by an approved protocol. 

No experiment may be carried out until full approval has been obtained. 

Please contact the ACC Coordinator, Una Glisic at or 519-884-0710 extension 4421, in order to obtain protocol forms or for any further information.

The Animal Care Committee (ACC) typically meets once a month, except for July and August.