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September 22, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Chancellor's Message


           Letter of Congratulation to Graduates

Graduates, please accept my warmest congratulation on accomplishing this milestone in your life, finally receiving your degree!

On reflecting on the most important lessons I have gleaned over the years since my own graduation, I have concluded that there are 3 items that have guided me throughout the years:

  1. Building the best reputation possible
  2. Making sure that I am differentiated in whatever I do
  3. Making sure that I always put my stakeholder's needs first

Building the best reputation:  

The challenge is to everyday do everything to burnish ones' reputation, and do nothing to tarnish it.

Differentiating oneself:

In life, it's easy to be like everybody else, not to persevere, to be tepid and incremental, to think short term, to have undefined standards.  But success is a function of taking the path least trodden, persevering to the finish, being bold, thinking long term, and having high standards.

Stakeholder's needs first:

In an inverse way, the more selfless we are, the more fulfilled a life we will live, so give generously of self, time and resources.

Our education has given us the opportunity to have a voice in the system, and power in the market-place, privileges that are not available to everyone, so steward your blessings earnestly. 

Best wishes in your endeavors.

Dr. Michael Lee-Chin