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Wilfrid Laurier University Printing & Distribution Services
September 23, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Direct Mail/Lettershop Services

NEW! Data Services, Addressed Admail & Personalization
We can provide all of the data services you require - cleansing, merge/purge, sortation for USA, Canada and more. We can also analyze your distribution list to determine the best delivery method. 

With Addressed Admail sorting and bundling of mail in a specific postal code order is required. If a mailing consists of 1,000 pieces or more, by using this method, there is a considerable savings in postage costs.

Incentive Lettermail for large mailings offers reduced rates for items that may not qualify for Admail.

To take advantage of these reduced rates and our capability to print addresses directly on envelopes, direct mail cards or brochures, we require an Excel Database which can be emailed to Chasity Stewart or Ramona Albrecht

The basic requirements that mailing lists should adhere to are as follows: (The information should be in Excel, or Text format with delimiters at the end of each field and a different delimiter at the end of the record (PC)

* All records must be CONSISTENT
* The fields must be set up in a LOGICAL ORDER
* DO NOT split fields
* DO NOT merge first name, last name, address 1, address 2, city, province, and postal code fields. 
   They must be separate FIELDS.


NEW! Automated Folding/Inserting
Distribution Services recently expanded our services to include automated insertion. Our multi-mailing machine will fold, stuff, and seal envelopes at a rate of 5,400 envelopes per hour - up to four pieces including letters, flyers, cards, brochures, business reply envelopes and/or booklets. Inserts should be at minimum 1/2" narrower than the width of the envelope and 1/4" shorter on height. To receive additional specifications and pricing contact Chasity Stewart ext. 6257. For poly-bagging we continue to partner with the University of Waterloo.