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Our Vision

We envision creating pathways for educators and practitioners for wholistic professional development that is guided by the principles embedded in Indigegogy. Our vision is to honour the spirit, heart, intellect and physical elements of teaching, learning and in practice. We envision wholistic education and training that is grounded in our culture, traditions, anti-colonialism, decolonizing and Indigenizing knowledges. We envision pathways of unlearning and re-learning toward transformation, wholistic teaching and healing.

Our Purpose

We strive towards supporting Mino-Bimaadiziwin (Ojibwe for the "way of a good life"), and Ka’nikonhriyohtshera (Mohawk for "fostering emergence of the good mind") using land-based education, traditional knowledge and teachings.

Through Indigenous-centred, wholistic practice, the Centre for Indigegogy aims to:

  • Generate a variety of wholistic development certificate programs for Indigenous and non-indigenous practitioners who are interested in their ongoing learning and wholistic development of their practice.
  • Provide exceptional professional development and training experiences in Indigegogy.
  • Offer accredited certificates for educators, practitioners and helpers across disciplines.  

Our Goals

The Centre for Indigegogy: Indigenous Centred Wholistic Development provides wholistic practitioners, helpers and educators ongoing learning opportunities that are immersed in indigenous knowledge and best practices. Our goals are wholistic and are as follows:

To honour Waabnoong (Eastern Doorway Spirit) by:

  • Attending to the Spirit of Indigenous knowledge, teaching and learning through ceremony.
  • Providing wholistic practitioners with ongoing learning opportunities that are guided by Indigenous teaching, learning and healing practices.  

To honour Zhawnoong (Southern Doorway Heart) by:

  • Attending to good relations through respectful circle work.
  • Fostering "good mind" relationships in honour of the two row wampum teachings.
  • Supporting the growth of practitioners' good medicine bundles.   

To honour Niingbaabitoong (Western Doorway Intellect) by:  

  • Supporting Indigenous knowledge through land based education, literature, scholarship and practice.
  • Fostering the resurgence of Indigenous Knowledge and restoring Indigenous pedagogies in teaching, learning and practice (Indigegogy). 
  • Upholding healing and learning through decolonizing, Indigenizing and promoting anti-colonialism in teaching, learning and practice.

To honour Giiwedinoong (Northern Doorway Doing) by:

  • Engaging in experiential Indigegogy practices. 
  • Fostering transformative learning experiences. 
  • Restoring "land consciousness" in our workshops.

To honour Shkode (Centre Fire) by:

  • Honouring wholism and trusting that the Centre Fire will once again burn strong and proud.
  • Attending to Mino-Bimaadiziwin (in Anishinaabe translates to “a good life”) and Ka’nikonhriyhtshera (in Mohawk translates to “fostering the good mind”).

Contact Us:

Giselle Dias MSW, PhD (ABD), Director


Katie McLellan, MSW (IFS), Manager


Raven Morand, Administrative Assistant