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This web page contains important information on Core Sciences at Laurier. It's recommended that you read the following information, including the frequently asked questions section below, to learn what Core Sciences is, why it was created and how it can help you prepare for your future success.

If you have any questions, contact the Recruitment and Admissions office so we can help. Email or call 519.884.0710 x3385.

What is Core Sciences?

Core Sciences is an alternate offer of admission for Faculty of Science applicants who did not meet the admission requirements for their chosen science program. Core Sciences is designed to enable students to enrol at Laurier and begin taking introductory science and elective courses of interest. With the help of our Faculty of Science advising team, you can prepare to transfer into a Faculty of Science program at the end of your first year.

Why Core Sciences?

Instead of giving you an alternate offer to a science program you might not be interested in, Core Sciences enables you to enrol in Laurier and gain access to supports so that you can select a Faculty of Science program that best suits your interests and goals following your first year of studies.

Your First Year

You'll get to participate in all aspects of student life as you begin studying introductory science courses such as biology, chemistry, computer science and psychology (you're able to consult with an academic advisor to help you choose your courses based on your academic background and interests, too).

As a student, you'll study with other Faculty of Science students, learn from award-winning faculty and researchers, can live in residence and use all student services.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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