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This web page contains important information for applicants who received an alternate offer to Post-Degree Studies at Laurier.

What is Post-Degree Studies?

Post-Degree Studies is a non-degree option for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree. Typically, post-degree students register in undergraduate courses to discover a new academic interest, to upgrade their academic history, to work towards a designation or to work towards a second degree.

How to Enrol in a Second Undergraduate Degree at Laurier

In order to complete a second degree at Laurier, you need to apply for approval. This process can only begin after you confirm your offer to Post-Degree Studies. Please note that approval for a second degree is not guaranteed.

To get started, complete the Sequential Degree Request Form. Your academic history will be reviewed by the appropriate faculty and you will be contacted with your next steps once the form is processed. 

If you are approved for a second degree, an individual degree plan made up of a minimum of 10.0 Laurier credits will be developed to fit your needs.

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