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The purpose of this intensive Spring term Piano Lab is to master weaker areas in students’ playing by working on them exclusively and intensively for the duration of the tutorial

Sessions will be held all weekdays. In the event of a schedule change, participants will be notified.

  • Dates: May 13 to May 25, 2024 (masterclass on Sat., May 25)
  • Location: Sessions will be held in the Savvas Chamberlain Building (Music) (75 University Ave.)
  • Cost: $290  (includes nine 45-minute lessons and one masterclass)

Note: No lessons on May 20 (Victoria Day)

Each student will get daily 45-minute individual lessons (9 in total) and a final masterclass (subject to enrollment) with the Laurier piano faculty. Lesson times are to be agreed on by the participants and their instructor.


Any pianists with a minimum of grade 8 (RCM) or equivalent; both Laurier students and those not currently enrolled in Laurier’s Music program are welcome to apply. Participants will get a certificate of completion upon the conclusion of the lab.

For Laurier students, a successful completion of the course will be added to the On-Campus Employment module of your Laurier Experience Record.

*Participant numbers may be capped, pending availability of instructors. Spots are not guaranteed until acceptance. 


  1. You are a pianist with an equivalent of RCM grade 8 level or higher, seeking to perfect specific technical concepts; you do not need to be currently enrolled in Laurier’s Faculty of Music.
  2. You must submit an application form. All submissions are subject to approval by the Piano Lab; acceptance may depend on the number of participants and on scheduling availability.

Application forms due April 7th at 11:59pm.

Application Form

If accepted, the student will be working on one or two reasonably prepared works or excerpts to concentrate in-depth on the proposed topic of their choice. For example: mastering double notes, shape and tone in melody, octaves, pedalling, fingering, trills, etc. This lab will be taught by one or more Laurier piano instructors, subject to enrollment. This enrichment lab is not for credit. At the end of the lab students will get a WLU certificate of completion.

Please contact Anya Alexeyev at if you have any questions.

Contact Us:

Laurier Academy of Music and Arts

T: 519.578.3640

Laurier location: 190 Lester St., Waterloo

South Kitchener location: 68 Biehn Dr., Kitchener