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Research at the Wilfrid Laurier Group Dynamics in Physical Activity Laboratory is currently aimed at enhancing our understanding of group and social influences on cognitive, behavioural, and affective factors related to physical activity in group contexts. 

Specific Objectives

Our specific objectives are to understand:

  1. How physical activity group membership influences individual cognition, affect, and behaviour.
  2. What makes groups effective in terms of achieving their task and social objectives.
  3. How to apply this knowledge to promote physical activity behaviour through group membership.

Overview of Current Research

Current and previous work focuses on further understanding group dynamics in sport. Projects focus on how member characteristics contribute to team functioning, the importance of group structure (e.g., role involvement), and how emergent states (e.g., cohesion) and team processes (e.g., socialization, communication) influence team and individual outcomes.

Current Projects:

"Parental involvement and its influence on sport team dynamics"

     (Taylor Coleman, Ph.D student)

"Competitive and cooperative group processes in individual sport environments"

     (Seth Papineau, Ph.D student)

"Group dynamics in competitive and recreational Masters sport contexts"

     (Zakry Walsh, Ph.D student)

"Athlete perceptions of coach humility and group cohesion"

     (Anthony Griffo, Master's student)

Group Dynamics and Physical Activity Laboratory

Mark Eys, Professor Kinesiology and Physical Education; Laurier Research Chair

T: 548.889.3808