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Training opportunities are provided for new field instructors each year. All new instructors are expected to take the “Beginning Field Instruction” workshop series prior to or while providing field instruction to their first student, if they have not already taken this type of training at another school, faculty of social work or as part of their degree. There is no fee for this workshop.

Field Instruction Workshops

Canadian Association of Social Work Education (CASWE-ACFTS), the accreditation body for Social Work programs in Canada, has designed an online course for new field instructors and for returning field instructors seeking a refresher. The course is delivered in a concise and engaging format that includes videos and resources and will take approximately 10 hours in total to complete. The course will be available year-round with one session every two months.


Step One

Contact one of the following to receive a Laurier verification code:

Step Two

Complete the CASWE-ACFTS registration form using the verfication code.

Additional Training Opportunities

Other workshops for field instructors will be held throughout the year, presented in partnership with Renison University College. Please check back for upcoming dates for this training.

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."

– Proverb

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MSW Field Education

T: 519.884.0710 x5269

BSW Field Education

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