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If you were not eligible for your preferred program, you may have received an alternate offer of admission to Economics. This page contains important information about your options and next steps, including a frequently asked questions section below.

Study Economics at Laurier

We recognize your academic achievement and there's a place here for you at Laurier. That's why we've offered you admission to the Honours Economics program in our renowned Lazaridis School of Business and Economics.

Economics is about building policies that can improve the way the world works. You'll study the economics of businesses and homes, all the way to evaluating entire economies and industries. You'll be prepared to go on to graduate school or employment in economics, business, law, public administration and other industries.

Customize Your Degree

Laurier also offers an Economics and Accounting program, and an Economics and Financial Management program. If you receive an alternative offer in Economics and are interested in either of these programs, you can reach out to Service Laurier to request to be switched to one of them. 

Economics and Accounting

Pursuing Economics and Accounting puts you on the fast track to obtaining your Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation, while giving you a well-rounded knowledge of economics and public policy, from the individual to government level.

Economics and Data Analytics

Consider the Economics and Data Analytics program for a comprehensive understanding of economic principles and data analysis techniques. Whether you aim for investment banking or research analyst, this program ensures you're well-prepared to tackle complex economic challenges in today's data-driven environment.

Economics and Financial Management

If you want to work in investment banking or finance, consider taking the Economics and Financial Management program. This program lets you take a deep dive into understanding, and learning how to influence, the public policies and cultural precedents that drive financial markets and impact what goes into a sound investment decision.

The Management Option

Supplement your studies in Economics, Economics and Financial Management or Economics and Accounting by adding a minor, an option, or even a double major in a complementary topic. One of the most popular opportunities is our Management Option where you'll gain professional and technical skills by studying the core principles of the business world.

Add Work Experience

Gain valuable paid work experience and apply for co-op after you begin your studies at Laurier. With co-op, you’ll develop skills and gain real-world experience before you graduate, giving you a head start on building your career. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


If you would like to discuss your options with us further, call the Recruitment and Admissions office at 519.884.0710 x3385 or email

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