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This web page contains important information for applicants who received an alternate offer of admission to part-time studies on academic probation.

If you received an alternate offer to part-time studies without probation, please click here for more information.

Why You Received an Alternate Offer

You received an alternate offer to part-time studies on academic probation because the Admissions Office determined that your academic background does not qualify you for your program of choice. By offering you an alternate offer, you can enrol at the university and take courses to become admissible to your program of interest.

What is Academic Probation?

On academic probation, you can register in a maximum of 1.5 credits per term (which is approximately three, one-term courses worth 0.5 credit each). In some situations, your offer of admission letter might indicate you can register for up to 1.0 credits. Please be sure to read your offer letter carefully.

After you clear your academic probation, you can continue to regular part-time studies (up to 1.75 credits per term).

How to Clear Your Academic Probation

Please see your offer of admission letter for a list of requirements that you must meet in order to clear your academic probation. These requirements are based on your academic background.

How to Apply for Full-Time Studies

After you complete a minimum of 2.0 credits (approximately four, one-term courses worth 0.5 credit each), you can submit a Request for Full-Time Studies form to be considered for full-time studies (2.0 or more credits per term). This form can be found on  the Changing Undergraduate Programs page on the Enrolment Services website. There is a separate form for the Waterloo campus and the Brantford campus.

Eligibility for Full-Time Studies

To be eligible for full-time studies, you must meet the minimum progression requirements for the program you want to study in. You can find the progression requirements by searching for your program of interest on the Undergraduate Academic Calendar

Please note that some competitive programs may require a higher academic standing. If you have any questions about changing your program, please contact Service Laurier.

OSAP Information

If you would like to learn more about applying to OSAP, check out the appropriate link below:

  • Click here if you are taking 1.5 credits or more per term
  • Click here if you are taking 1.0 or less credits per term

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