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Laurier is committed to assisting students with disabilities reach their full academic potential. We support and encourage students’ independence and self-determination by offering a variety of services and resources delivered in a respectful, confidential and professional manner.

Some of the multiple resources we provide to registered, eligible students include disability consultants, assistive technology, tutoring services and student support sessions. Our qualified team is here to help you succeed at Laurier.

Applying to Laurier

Laurier extends fair and empathetic consideration to applicants with a range of documented disabilities. You are not required to disclose this information to the Recruitment and Admissions office. If you choose to disclose a disability, your application will not be adversely affected. All information you send is kept confidential.

How to Disclose

You can submit this information as part of the Special Case or Extenuating Circumstances review process. It is your decision to disclose any supporting details. You must submit your statement by the posted deadline for the term that you will begin your studies.

Registering with the Accessible Learning Centre

All students who wish to be eligible for academic accommodations and supports must register with the Accessible Learning Centre and provide the necessary documentation (from an approved and regulated health professional).

You can begin the intake process as soon as you accept an offer of admission to Laurier. It is in your best interest to being this process as soon as possible.

Accommodation Plans

Once you have completed the intake and registration process, you are assigned a disability consultant. Your disability consultant will work one-on-one with you to determine academic supports and help you develop and implement your accommodation plan.

The plan details the services and supports that will be put into place or be made available to you. The plan clearly indicates which items/tasks are the consultant's responsibilities and which are yours. Each plan is unique and geared towards your documented needs.

Accomodation plans are active documents and can be reviewed and amended at any time, as appropriate, with your consultant.

Programs and Services

There are a number of accommodation programs and services provided by the Accessible Learning Centre to support you academically, such as: