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Post a Job

Post a job using the Navigator online portal. More information about the Navigator portal, including services provided, how to login, and creating an account, can be found here.

Or, simply send a job description by email to your co-op consultant or to

You will receive an email with a link to applications after 10 a.m. on the day after the application deadline, unless you asked that students apply through a different method.

Please let us know whether candidates will work remotely, at your location, or in a hybrid of both. If you require students to work on site, please let us know about your pandemic safety protocols.

Recruiting Dates

The recruiting dates below are subject to change.

Recruiting Process

Once you have sent a job description, we will post the job on the Navigator database.

We will send you instructions on viewing applications.

You will select candidates to interview.

Once you have chosen your candidates, let us know the date, start time and length of the interviews. 

Most interviews take place online or by phone; we host some in-person interviews on campus.

We will arrange the interviews and send you a schedule.

Please give us three days' notice, when possible, to schedule interviews. Please let us know:

  • names of candidates and interviewers
  • date and start time
  • length of interview
  • interval between interviews
  • length of lunch break

If you interview during the primary recruiting period, you will need to rank students; please scroll down to "Ranking Candidates".

During the continuous employment period, you may interview any business day.

We accept job postings and arrange interviews until all students have found employment.